As the world of work continues to evolve, organizations must remain agile and prepared for the inevitable changes. Among the most significant shifts is Generation Z’s entrance into the workforce. Known as digital natives, this generation, born between 1997 and 2012, carries distinct expectations, preferences, and work styles that HR leaders must comprehend and cater to for seamless integration. 

Though this tech-savvy generation has been frequently framed as “anti-work,” their unique ambition tells a different story. Zoomers are habitual multitaskers with a knack for finding new avenues of productivity through technology. Plus, their value-based approach toward work demands greater authenticity and trust in the corporate landscape.

Here are four Zoomer-led trends and how Cleary can prepare you for this next generation of workers:

Scaling Culture and Honing Soft Skills

While Gen Z excels in technological fluency, their chronically online communication and experience come with one possible drawback: underdeveloped interpersonal skills. 26% of Gen Zers cited their education as a barrier to workplace success due to limited experience networking, negotiating, and public speaking.

This preparation gap in soft skills, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, may require extra training for incoming Gen Z professionals. Further, in an increasingly remote workspace, Cleary’s team-centered features help foster a company culture that sustains strong interpersonal connections and collaboration. By leveraging these tools, Gen Z hires can better adapt to the demands of the modern workplace, enhancing their career growth and unlocking their full potential along the way.

Remote Onboarding and Flexibility

One top priority for Gen Z workers is flexibility through hybrid or fully-remote work opportunities. A big part of this preference stems from the desire for a healthy work-life balance. In short, Gen Z values the freedom to structure their work around their personal lives, allowing them to pursue their passions and maintain overall well-being.

By blending the social and professional, Cleary resonates well with Gen Z’s work mentality. Cleary’s tools help facilitate this balance by streamlining communication processes, reducing the need for unnecessary meetings, and allowing for more flexible work arrangements. 

Furthermore, Cleary’s onboarding experience for the remote work environment aligns with Gen Z’s preference for transparency and instant feedback, ensuring a positive start for these tech-savvy new hires. 

All About Efficiency 

Given Gen Z has been immersed in technology since childhood, it’s unsurprising that they’re more eager to experiment with artificial intelligence tools for enhanced productivity. Though Zoomers do have some reservations about AI – namely misinformation and data privacy – their interest largely outweighs the risks. 

In the workplace, Gen Z is already leading the charge in harnessing the power of AI. Specifically, using AI tools to brainstorm, research, and streamline administrative tasks are all part of the demographic’s initiative to save time while staying inspired. 

The Cleary Platform, built for optimal workflow, provides a perfect foundation for Gen Z to leverage their extensive digital skills and contribute to innovation within their teams while having peace of mind that their data remains private and secure. 

Employee Turnover and Work-Life Balance

42% of Gen Zers are likely to quit a job in the next 12 months, making staff turnover an especially prevalent issue among younger demographics. This, alongside the ‘quiet quitting’ phenomenon associated with Zoomers, is best mitigated through a well-structured work environment. Simply put, Gen Z doesn’t walk away from a job out of lack of motivation, but out of lack of support, recognition, and trust in the workspace. 

Along these lines, the newest ‘lazy girl job’ trend reflects a similar misconception about Gen Z’s career outlook. The younger generation’s base expectations for secure, flexible, and well-paying remote work doesn’t signify laziness, per se, but a sincere demand for a healthy work-life balance. Cleary helps materialize this ideal digital work environment and move beyond the daily grind in three crucial ways:

  1. Recognition and Rewards: Cleary’s platform allows for proper acknowledgment of hard work and dedication through shoutouts, achievement badges, and more. 
  2. Progress Tracking: Cleary’s software allows for streamlined meetings and feedback collection, contributing to a more transparent, motivating, and goal-oriented work culture.
  3. Individual Support and Resources: Cleary serves as a single hub for all company resources, making it easier for employees to find what they need – including personalized support and mentorship opportunities, which are often lacking in the digital workspace. 

With Zoomers set to account for a third of the workforce by 2025, adapting workplace culture and growth strategies to meet their unique needs is vital. By leveraging Cleary, businesses can meet these challenges head-on, ensuring a smooth transition into the era of Gen Z and beyond. With Cleary, the future of work is clear, connected, and ready for Gen Z.