Cleary: Events Product



Run transparent and inclusive meetings that connect and engage distributed teams.

Spend your live meeting time on the most important things. Put the rest in Cleary.

Meetings are expensive. Having written discussions in a structured manner outside of meetings and knowing what employees are most interested in ensures you spend the time together discussing what matters most.


Prep for All-Hands, AMAs, and Lunch & Learns

Put everything in one place: agendas, guidelines, video links, and icebreakers. Create one home for employees to find company meeting information.


Collect questions before your meeting

Give everyone a chance to have their voice heard, not just the person who always raises their hand.


Allow discussions to emerge among employees asynchronously.


Break the ice

Connect with employees across the org with event icebreakers.


Save time searching for unique icebreakers online by choosing from our library to get going quickly.

Create a searchable knowledge base

Document answers as you go. Events stay searchable after the fact, so everyone can look up what was discussed in the meeting—whether or not they were able to attend.


Level up your Internal Communications with Cleary

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