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Redefining the Employee Experience

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Central hub from formation to hypergrowth

In 2020, Buzzer was born in the midst of a global pandemic with a distributed team. The company is dedicated to curating the best live moments in sports for fans, but also delivering a world-class employee experience for its own people.


From day one, Buzzer leadership was committed to building the foundations of a strong culture by partnering with Cleary to deliver the company’s central hub. Cleary enables the Buzzer team to instill a sense of belonging for everyone, from early employees to new hires.

Buzzer's formation and people
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Saved 2 days a week with onboarding automation

Rapidly growing global e-commerce shipping company, Shippo, had aggressive growth targets and was onboarding over a dozen new employees a month. With the shift to fully remote work, the people team heroically delivered an exceptional new hire experience in the virtual environment, but managed everything manually.


They partnered with Cleary to shift to an automated process while continuing to deliver an exceptional experience, freeing up 2 days a week to focus instead on high value strategic work and relationship-building.

Cleary Powers Square’s Employee Experience

In the midst of rapid growth, Square wanted to create a better experience for their employees. The vision was to have a personalized internal comms tool that was also the central place for people to find information, partake in learning activities, and to stay engaged and connected with the culture of the company.

Square partnered with Cleary to launch an employee experience platform branded mySquare, that every employee and contractor now uses as their central portal to stay connected and aligned to the company, engaged and supportive of their colleagues, and to drive their own development forward.

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