Automate personalized employee journeys for every moment that matters.

From onboarding to offboarding – and every moment in between.

Automate personalized communications

Tired of copying and pasting the same Welcome Email template to send to every new hire? Or reminding managers to send their Day 1 email?

Cleary automates every email in your onboarding journey. Our rich text editor ensures you can create engaging communications with ease.

Ditch your spreadsheet and automate your task checklist

Overwhelmed by all of your new hire spreadsheets? 
You’re not alone. Trying to track down overdue items from managers is tedious, and gauging onboarding status is often opaque. Did IT ship this new hire’s laptop? Did their manager complete their onboarding plan?


Cleary brings transparency to your onboarding process by automating task assignments and reminders to everyone involved in the process. We’ll also surface when new hires are off track for their first day.

Automate meeting invites

Do you painstakingly add every new hire to every recurring company or team meeting? Maybe you try to streamline this by manually adding every new hire to a single distribution list. Tired of hearing from managers that their new hires weren’t added to important meetings? These processes don’t scale when you’re onboarding more than a few people each month.


Cleary automatically adds new hires to important meetings based on their demographic, so that no Engineer misses the Engineering All-Hands.

Automate your list-serves

Have you ever had a new hire miss a meeting or important communication because they weren’t added to the office distribution list?


Automate your Google Group and Slack Channel membership with Cleary. Since we’re integrated with
your HRIS, you can rest assured the groups will remain up to date.

Continuously improve the onboarding experience

There’s a lot of information collection during onboarding. New hire bios for welcome announcements, swag preferences, laptop shipping information, and feedback surveys.


Don’t lose this information in disparate survey tools. Collect it all in one place with Cleary Surveys – and route specific information to the right stakeholders, and ensure the onboarding process is ever-improving.

Roll out the red carpet

Tired of asking Managers who their new hire should meet with during their first week and combing through calendars to schedule the intro meetings?


New hires need help getting connected to the
organization, but shuffling calendar invites is not a scalable use of your time.


Cleary sources introductions from managers and automates the scheduling – ensuring a consistent and incredible employee experience.

Make shipments a breeze

Collecting swag or laptop preferences from new hires, placing orders, collecting shipping addresses, sending follow-ups, checking delivery status – it’s a full-time job to ship anything. With remote and hybrid work, this exercise has become the norm for employee onboarding.


We’ll help you automate your swag orders and streamline your laptop shipping process, routing information where it needs to go and removing intermediaries.

Don’t stop at Onboarding

Our best-in-class journey templates help you automate every moment that matters in the employee journey: Work Anniversaries, Manager Promotions, Parental Leave, Offboarding, and more.

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