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Building an Employee Onboarding All-Star Team

Assembling a high-performance team is an art, whether in the realm of sports or within the corporate world, especially when it comes to the crucial process of onboarding new employees. Just like a championship-winning sports team relies on the collective strength, coordination, and skills of its players and coaches, the success of an employee onboarding program hinges on the seamless collaboration and expertise of HR, IT, and managerial staff.

This playful analogy is designed to guide you through the formation of an all-star team dedicated to creating an outstanding onboarding experience for new hires, ensuring they are ready to contribute to your organization’s success from day one.

Why is a “team” necessary for employee onboarding? 

The initial days for any new hire are pivotal. They offer a unique window of opportunity to establish a strong foundation of knowledge, align expectations, and foster a sense of belonging. However, creating such an enriching onboarding experience goes beyond merely handing out an employee handbook or scheduling a series of training sessions. It requires a carefully curated HR onboarding program that leverages the best practices in digital onboarding for new employees, automates the onboarding process where possible, and personalizes the journey for each new team member.

Crafting an all-star team for this purpose requires a blend of diverse roles and responsibilities, much like a sports team that thrives on the synergy between the coach, players, and support staff. This analogy perfectly extends into the domain of onboarding new employees, where each member of the organization plays a crucial role in welcoming and integrating new hires into the company culture and workflow. The following sections will delve into how HR, IT, and managers come together, along with the support of peers and the recruiting team, to ensure a smooth, engaging, and efficient onboarding experience.

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So, who’s on the team?

HR or People Ops: The Head Coach

HR embodies the head coach, setting the strategic direction for the HR onboarding program and ensuring a comprehensive and welcoming digital onboarding for new employees. Their leadership in coordinating the employee onboarding workflow is critical, aiming to integrate new hires fully into the company culture. By championing best practices and leveraging automated employee onboarding solutions, HR ensures the process is efficient, engaging, and reflective of the company’s values.

IT: The Equipment Manager

IT is pivotal in enabling the digital employee onboarding process, ensuring new hires have the necessary technological tools and access from day one. Their role in automating and securing the onboarding infrastructure is akin to an equipment manager’s in sports, preparing all necessary gear for players. By eliminating tech-related obstacles, IT facilitates a smooth start for new employees, supporting their integration and productivity.

Manager: The Specialty Coach

Managers act as specialty coaches, tailoring the onboarding experience to meet the unique needs of their new hires. Through direct guidance, they ensure that each employee understands their role, expectations, and how they fit into the larger team dynamic. This personalized approach aids in building confidence and a sense of belonging, ensuring that new hires can effectively contribute to their team’s goals from the start.

Onboarding Buddies & Peers: Role Players

Onboarding buddies and peers provide the essential, informal support network for new hires, helping them navigate the company culture and day-to-day operations. This peer-led aspect of employee onboarding services is crucial for fostering a welcoming environment, offering a blend of social integration and practical guidance that enhances the overall onboarding experience.

Recruiting: The Scouts

Recruiters lay the groundwork for successful onboarding by setting clear expectations and providing a seamless introduction to the company. Post-hire, they gather feedback to refine the onboarding process, ensuring that the company’s approach remains effective and responsive to new hire needs. This ongoing evaluation helps maintain high standards for the automated onboarding process and employee satisfaction.

This collaborative effort is the hallmark of the best employee onboarding programs, where every member plays a critical role in fostering a welcoming and productive environment. From automated employee onboarding to personalized training, the collective effort ensures a seamless transition for new hires.

How Cleary Enables Team Building in the Onboarding/Employee Journey

Cleary revolutionizes the automated onboarding process by offering a centralized platform that brings together HR, IT, and managers, among other key players. This innovative approach ensures that digital onboarding for new employees is not just efficient but also engaging and personalized.

  • Centralized Communication: Cleary’s platform enhances communication across departments, ensuring a cohesive approach to the new employee workflow. This fosters a sense of unity and teamwork, essential for a successful onboarding experience.
  • Automated Workflows: By streamlining the employee onboarding workflow with automation, Cleary minimizes manual tasks, allowing teams to focus on personal interaction and relationship-building, a key to successful integration.
  • Engagement Tools: Through interactive modules and virtual meet-and-greets, Cleary ensures new hires are fully engaged and integrated into the company culture, reflecting the essence of the best employee onboarding programs.
  • Feedback Mechanisms: Cleary’s feedback tools enable continuous refinement of the onboarding process, ensuring that the team can quickly adapt and improve, fostering a culture of excellence and responsiveness


Cleary’s platform exemplifies the best in employee onboarding solutions, creating an environment where new hires are welcomed, integrated, and supported, laying the groundwork for a cohesive and successful team.

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Now more than ever, it’s mission critical to build world-class employee experiences for remote and hybrid teams.

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