Evaluate Your Onboarding Process with Cleary's Comprehensive Assessment

Discover the strengths and opportunities within your employee onboarding strategy with Cleary’s Onboarding Assessment. This powerful tool is crafted to provide actionable insights, enabling organizations to foster a welcoming, productive, and inclusive environment from day one.

Who Should Take This Assessment?

HR Managers & Onboarding Specialists

Optimize welcoming strategies and pinpoint areas for enhancement, ensuring newcomers transition smoothly.

Talent Acquisition Professionals

Assess alignment between onboarding and recruitment to boost early retention and engagement.

Learning & Development Coordinators

Evaluate how initial experiences support continuous learning and development, setting a foundation for growth.

IT and Technical Support Leads

Ensure technology integration is seamless for new hires, from equipment setup to software access.

Operations and Internal Communications Managers

Review processes for fostering connectivity and engagement, critical for operational and communicative effectiveness.

Leadership Team Members and Direct Supervisors

Examine leadership's role in onboarding for active involvement in new hire integration and success.

Anyone involved in employee onboarding...

A tool for enhancing the impact on new hire success and organizational integration through streamlined onboarding.

Why Assess Your Onboarding Strategy?

Why Assess Your Onboarding Strategy?

Streamline Onboarding Processes

Evaluate the efficiency and comprehensiveness of your current onboarding practices, identifying gaps and areas for enhancement.

Enhance Employee Experience

Understand how well your onboarding process integrates new hires into your company culture, providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.

Optimize Remote & Hybrid Integration

Gain insights into the effectiveness of your remote and hybrid onboarding strategies, ensuring every employee feels connected and supported, regardless of their location.

Key Areas of Assessment

Key Areas of Assessment

Dive deep into the structure and comprehensiveness of your onboarding process.

Measure the preparedness and initial engagement of your new hires before their official start date.
Assess the effectiveness of IT setup and HR compliance integration within your onboarding.
Evaluate how well your onboarding process conveys company culture and adapts to function-specific needs.
Identify and address the unique challenges of onboarding remote and hybrid employees.

What You'll Gain

Customized Insights

Receive tailored recommendations based on your responses to strengthen your onboarding process.

Benchmarking Data

Understand how your onboarding strategy compares to industry standards and best practices.

Actionable Steps

Get specific, actionable steps to immediately improve your onboarding experience.

Ready to Transform Your Onboarding Experience?

Take the first step towards creating an exceptional onboarding experience that supports your employees’ success and integrates them into your company culture seamlessly.

For more information on optimizing your onboarding process and building a connected, 
engaged workforce, visit our Resources page.

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