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Our mission is to inspire more productive, connected, and engaged employees

We are obsessed with figuring out how organizations can design a world-class employee experience and scale their culture through hypergrowth and beyond.

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Our Story

Before starting Cleary, our founders led the development of internal tools at Twitter. With names like “Birdhouse”, these apps bound the company together and were relied upon by employees to catch up on the latest company news, learn more about what their co-workers were working on, and ask questions of the leadership team. As we formed Cleary, we worked with Square to create “mySquare”, their employee experience hub, which rapidly took off and became a part of the fabric of the company.


With organizations becoming more collaborative, transparent, flat, distributed, and diverse, we are seeing the same needs everywhere. The rise of remote and hybrid work presents an opportunity for every organization to rethink the employee experience. We’ve been partnering with forward-thinking organizations ever since.

Inventing the future of work with fast-growing, modern organizations.

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