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How Cleary helps employees succeed

Personalized Employee Journeys

Build excitement before Day 1 with preboarding communications.​

Replace your onboarding spreadsheet with an automated new hire experience that fits their department, role, and location.

Design journeys around every key moment that matters to empower employees throughout the employee lifecycle.

Reach your audience

Create rich newsletters.

Target your specific audience.

Publish once – and reach employees where they’re at. And don’t worry – the comms stay in Cleary and don’t just get lost in Slack.

Measure what matters. Inform your comms strategy with content analytics.

Who’s who?

Dynamic Org chart views. Printable. Flippable.

Rich employee directory with what you need to know for hybrid work.

Manage cross-functional teams the way work actually happens.

Celebrate and connect employees

Reinforce your values as you continue to grow and evolve with Shoutouts and Badges.

Digital Cards to celebrate milestones with colleagues near and far.

Spark and reinforce connections within your team with introductions and ice-breakers.

Integrated single source of truth

Store company policies and frequently referenced information in one place.

Integrate your Google Drive, Confluence, and other apps.

Crowdsource key docs, dashboards, and apps, from all your teams with Go/links.

Search across it all.

Make sure every voice is heard with Events

Collect questions and votes in advance of your all hands so you know what’s top of mind and distributed employees can participate equally

Hold team meetings, retros, brainstorms, and AMAs.

Q&As are searchable for those who couldn’t attend live.

Consolidate or integrate, your choice

Companies like yours use dozens of tools. We can help you save some costs by getting rid of a few of them. Couple of teams want to continue using their favorite tool? No problem, we integrate with hundreds of tools - whether it's an ATS, HRIS, Messaging tool, Calendar, Wikis, or for Single-Sign On.

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