Top 5 ways to thank admins on Administrative Professionals Day

It’s time to thank some of the unsung heroes in the workplace. We’re sharing our top suggestions to show your appreciation on Administrative Professionals Day.

An opportunity is coming up to thank some of the silent heroes in the workplace. The ones who make many daily tasks seamless and keep companies functioning. Often, carrying out their responsibilities in the background, without people even realizing how they’re indirectly being supported.  


Wednesday, in the last full week of April is Administrative Professionals Day. This year it falls on April 26th


Modern organizations run on many things – SaaS tools, sales organizations, and customer support – but there is one thing holding it all together behind the scenes. Yes, I’m talking about one of the most thankless of thankless roles – stuck way in the background – which typically doesn’t get a chance to shine: administrative professionals! We all know how important these folks are to helping us get productive. This day is the one day where we all have a chance to thank them for thankless work. In fact, shame on you if you don’t take this ONE opportunity in the year to thank them.

Here are our top 5 ideas:


1. Publish a company-wide news post

To make sure everyone knows it’s Administrative Professionals Day make a public announcement on Wednesday, April 26th. Give a quick explanation on what the day is and thank people in these roles. 

Cleary’s News product makes it simple to share a post to all employees to recognize people in these roles. This can be made more personal by adding a photo of each person with a short bio. It can include title, what he or she does, and specific examples of responsibilities that have a ripple effect and benefit many. End the post with a call to action to share their thoughts with a link to Cleary’s Shoutout page

Get started with this news post prompt: 

“We would like to take a moment to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the administrative professionals on our team this Administrative Professionals Day. Thank you for the tireless work you all do to support the company day in and day out. We would not be able to achieve our goals and mission together without the critical work you all do!”

The goal this Administrative Professionals Day (April 26th) should be to thank each admin for their hard work and letting them know how valued they are. 

2. Personalized thank you notes

Shoutouts leads us right into our next idea – personalized thank you notes. They can be virtual or physical. For companies who are back in office, even part time, handwritten thank you cards are always a classic! Even if everyone is fully remote, a card can still be mailed out! With an added bonus of accompanying flowers or a gift card. The most important part here is that the message should be genuine and individualized. This will mean much more and have a much greater impact than a generic thank you.


Cleary’s Shoutouts simplifies the process of crafting and sharing a personalized message – one that everyone can see. Shoutouts highlights who is being recognized and which value categories have been exemplified with a section for a message, to go into detail. 


Here’s some thoughts to get a Shoutout started. But remember to add specific examples, share stories, and make it truly personal. These are just launching pads. 


“Thank you for everything you do! Not only do you make my job easier but you contribute to the success of the entire team! You are beyond valued and appreciated here.” 


“I am so grateful for all of the hard work you do to keep our department running smoothly. Your attention to detail, dedication, and positive attitude are truly appreciated and do not go unnoticed.”


3. Share appreciation front and center 

Differentiate this day from the daily. If administrative professionals have returned to office, decorate the space with a banner and balloons. If they are remote, make it the first thing they see on an employee page. On Cleary there is a Carousel feature that displays custom designed banners on the top of the homepage. Not only can this brighten the day for administrative professionals, it will also bring attention to the rest of the team that it is Administrative Professionals Day and serve as a prompt for colleagues to learn more and share their gratitude.



4. Give the gift of growth

Learning new skills is a win-win. Companies can benefit from employees gaining new skills and knowledge and employees report increased engagement and satisfaction from development opportunities in the workplace. Not only can learning new ideas and knowledge improve productivity, it can lead to innovations as employees gain a new perspective. 


Offer to enroll any interested administrative professionals into an online course or to pay for one they would like to attend. There are many options out there, from a one hour class to day-long in-person or zoom conferences, or multi-day, multi-course curriculums. 


If different admins end up going to different classes, you can host a follow up meeting for people to share what they learned. They can post their lessons beforehand in the running meeting agenda and others can vote on which ones they want to hear more about.    


5. Food festivities 

Who doesn’t love food? Send administrative professionals out to lunch to celebrate their day – and have the company pay for it or host a lunch in the office. If admin professionals work from home have food or a gift basket with goodies delivered to their houses. There are a lot of options here depending on the workplace situation.


Remind managers the day is coming up. A custom Journey can be set up in Cleary to share information and instructions on how the food festivities can be carried out – if there are any restrictions or procedures to be followed. 


Most organizations would quickly fall apart without administrative professionals carrying out some of the most simple and some of the most sophisticated tasks. For that reason and many more, the goal this Administrative Professionals Day (April 26th) should be to thank each admin for their hard work and letting them know how valued they are. 

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