Celebrating Employee Appreciation with Cleary

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A round of applause for all employees out there!

Employees keep organizations running and growing. They create positive experiences customers love. For those reasons and more, there is a day just to thank them for their contributions and the impact they have made. 

The first Friday in March is Employee Appreciation Day. This year, that’s March 3rd. 

More than ever, people need to feel valued. This is especially true if your organization was impacted by recent layoffs and coworkers have had to say good-bye to some of their colleagues.    

Whatever recognition looks like in your organization or industry, we know that when it’s done well — when it’s authentic, equitable and personalized to the receiver — it can help combat employee burnout and turnover while fostering retention, which ultimately boosts business outcomes. 

We’re here to help you create positive experiences they’ll love. We’ve put together 10 ways to create an environment of appreciation for your employees: 


  1. Get managers on board with employee admiration.

Share resources and updates with managers on how to create a culture of gratitude. Give them some ideas on how they can thank their team and ask them to do something nice in their own way. 


  1. Hit record!

Have your CEO and/or leadership team record a quick video thanking employees and share it as the ice breaker at the all hands meeting. It will be a fun way to warm everyone up for the meeting. The quality doesn’t have to be Oscar-worthy, clips can easily be edited together with iMovie on Macs or other free video editing apps.


Employee Appreciation CEO video in newsfeed


  1. Hold a brainstorming session.

Collect ideas for different ways employees can be appreciated. Some people may love company swag and lunch on the company, others may receive appreciation best through a sincere thank you. People could post their answers anonymously too, so they can feel comfortable sharing. 

If people shared in the brainstorming event that their appreciation language is gifts – send out branded hoodies and mugs or treat the team to lunch. If the team is partially or fully remote – mail out gift cards for coffee on the company. 


  1. Shout it out!

Cleary’s Shoutouts are a simple and easy way to share a personalized message for specific people that everyone can see. The public tributes can get others involved to share their appreciation too. 


  1. Host an inaugural Badges Olympics.

Create a handful of awards and badges that exemplify qualities and skills that have added value to the organization and the company appreciates and announce the badge winners on March 3rd.


  1. Go beyond the day and make it an appreciation week!

Select one to three departments every single day to spotlight. Then encourage folks to send people in the department(s) a shout out. 


  1. Share the love after the event.

Take screenshots of the shoutouts shared, badges created, and pictures from any events you held. Use them to share in a newsletter or all hands.


  1. Make it more than a holiday.

Create a monthly newsletter or section in your existing newsletter. Share work people have done that’s been appreciated by others – screenshots of shoutouts, signed cards, and badges earned.


  1. Take a pulse / check your gut with Polls. 

It’s hard to guess accurately at how people are feeling. Use Polls throughout the year to ask people how they’re feeling. Polls can also be used to collect ideas and suggestions from employees on what your company should do to show appreciation.


  1. Personalize the employee page. 

Create a custom logo to display on your homepage to send some love your employee’s way. Much like a Google Doodle – the change in design will make it stand out and bring attention to your gratitude.  




Cleary’s Carousel feature displays a custom designed banner on your homepage. Carousel cards attract the most attention for anyone going to your homepage.



Feel free to schedule time with us to discuss any questions or ideas you have around employee appreciation. And remember to mark your calendar!

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Now more than ever, it’s mission critical to build world-class employee experiences for remote and hybrid teams.

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Now more than ever, it’s mission critical to build world-class employee experiences for remote and hybrid teams.

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