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Employee Advocacy – Now Available in Cleary

Employee advocacy happening within an organization.

If you’re not equipping your employees to be brand ambassadors, then you’re missing out on an easy way to expand your organization’s reach on social media!

Our latest launch will help you get started in minutes.

What is Employee Advocacy?

Employee Advocacy encourages employees to boost their company’s brand awareness and visibility by sharing content about it through their personal social networks.


Why is Employee Advocacy important?

Employee Advocacy can enhance consumer perceptions and increase brand awareness. Extending the reach of your company’s marketing content can lead to thousands of new impressions and improved brand recognition.

Additionally, Employee Advocacy can be a great tool for your Talent Acquisition team. Encouraging employees to share their positive experiences at the company improves your employer brand with prospective employees. People are more likely to trust the testimonial of a current employee posting content that feels genuine and authentic to their experience. In fact, content shared by employees receives 8 times more engagement than content shared directly by companies!

It’s not just the company that benefits. Sharing updates about their company’s success helps employees build their personal brand as well.


What types of content should we advocate that employees share?

  • Press releases about company milestones such as fundraising rounds or acquisitions.
  • New product announcements.
  • Links to job postings.
  • Links to webinars.
  • Philanthropy initiatives that showcase your company giving back to its community.
  • Recaps of company offsites or social events (especially if you’re a hybrid or remote company!)
  • Anything that highlights your company culture well, such as employee spotlights.


How can you build an Employee Advocacy program at your company?

Create a company culture and environment that appreciates its employees and motivates people to promote it to others. If people feel valued and enjoy working at your company, that appreciation will come through in their posts and feel more authentic to readers.

Establish guidelines for promoting company content. Do you want employees to include a certain hashtag in their post as part of a campaign you’re running? Do you want to limit sharing to LinkedIn or specific social networks? Communicate these guidelines and any other best practices to employees before sharing content you want them to promote.

Lastly, think about ways to motivate employees to participate! Consider small incentives such as awarding a $10 Starbucks gift card to employees who have shared the most content over the quarter. If your budget is small, make sure you publicly recognize employees who are consistently going above and beyond in their promotion of your company.


Getting started with Employee Advocacy in Cleary

Cleary makes it easy to start leveraging your employees as brand ambassadors for your company. You can insert the Employee Advocacy module in any Cleary news article, link your post, add suggestions for copy you would like employees to include in their posts, and we’ll give your employees a clear call-to-action to share the article on their social networks. You can choose to send the article via email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and the Mobile App to ensure you reach employees in their preferred channels.



Once published, it’s easy for employees to share directly from the article.



Cleary also equips you with analytics to understand how many employees are sharing your articles and through which networks.

Want to make Employee Advocacy an ongoing practice at your company? We make it easy to customize your company’s Cleary intranet homepage to include an Employee Advocacy widget and ensure you’re continuously highlighting news for employees to share.


Employee Advocacy capabilities within Cleary.


Looking to increase your employee advocacy efforts with Cleary? Head to gocleary.com/start.


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Now more than ever, it’s mission critical to build world-class employee experiences for remote and hybrid teams.

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