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November 2023 Product Updates ☃️

As we close out 2023, we are hearing a constant theme from People and Internal Comms team – they are being forced to do more with less. We’ve been listening and are excited to unveil our latest updates to help time and resource strapped people teams do more with less!

Introducing Cleary Templates

Our first major update is the launch of Cleary Templates. This feature is designed to help teams efficiently create and disseminate content that resonates with their employees. We have analyzed tens of thousands of content pieces and search queries to develop over 80 initial hand-crafted templates, representing the best-practices in internal communications. They cover everything from company news and events to diversity and inclusion communications. They are designed to help you get creative and writing quickly instead of wasting time staring at a blank canvas. They are also customizable, allowing teams to maintain their unique company style and branding.


Cleary Templates

Our next update is one we’re extremely excited about, the launch of Cleary AI!

Empowering Teams with Cleary AI ✨

The introduction of Cleary AI for internal communications at Cleary marks a revolutionary step in streamlining and optimizing daily internal communication tasks. Designed to compliment our extensive content template library, Cleary AI is a game-changer in automating content creation, making internal communication processes more efficient and effective. Here’s how Cleary AI is poised to transform your everyday internal communication workflows:

Automation of Information Roundups:

  • Streamlined Content Aggregation: Imagine starting your day without the daunting task of sifting through a multitude of channels to gather company announcements, events, and surveys. Cleary AI does precisely that – it automatically collects and organizes the latest company news, saving significant time and effort.
  • Consistent Communication: Regular updates are crucial for team alignment, especially in remote settings. Cleary AI ensures that these updates are not only consistent but also comprehensive, covering all necessary information without any manual oversight.
  • Enhanced Productivity: By automating the routine task of information gathering, Cleary AI frees up internal comms teams to focus on more strategic initiatives, such as employee engagement and communication strategy optimization.


Gather the latest company news.

Monthly Newsletter Creation Made Effortless:

  • Time-Saving Newsletter Assembly: Compiling monthly newsletters can be a time-intensive process, often taking hours or even days. Cleary AI transforms this by automating the compilation of critical organizational updates along with engaging cultural content, creating ready-to-review drafts in a fraction of the time.
  • Tailored Content Delivery: While the AI assembles the content, teams can quickly tailor these newsletters to fit their organization’s unique voice and style, ensuring that the final communication feels personal and engaging.
  • Regular Engagement with Minimal Effort: With Cleary AI, monthly newsletters become a regular touchpoint for employee engagement, effortlessly keeping the entire workforce informed and connected.
Automated Newsletters keep everyone in the know.

Zoom Integration and All Hands Recaps:

  • Streamlined Zoom Meeting Recaps: Cleary AI’s integration with Zoom specifically addresses the need for quick, accurate recaps of all-hands meetings and other significant events. By automating this process, teams can immediately access a summarized version of the meeting, saving hours of manual transcription and compilation.
  • Accessible Meeting Insights for All: The AI-generated recaps provide a comprehensive and accessible summary, ensuring that every team member stays informed, regardless of whether they attended the meeting. This approach supports an inclusive and informed workplace, especially crucial in hybrid and remote work environments.
  • Enhancing Historical Context Accessibility: Beyond just meeting recaps, Cleary AI helps in archiving and categorizing these summaries effectively. This feature becomes particularly useful for new employees or anyone needing to refer back to past meetings for context or information, thus enhancing the overall utility of internal communication archives.
Recap all-hands in seconds.

How to Get Started and Next Steps:

For those eager to start leveraging these new features, our comprehensive internal comms templates are available for download at

To learn more about Cleary AI, please fill out the contact form below and a member of our team will get back to you shortly!




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Now more than ever, it’s mission critical to build world-class employee experiences for remote and hybrid teams.

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Now more than ever, it’s mission critical to build world-class employee experiences for remote and hybrid teams.

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