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Cleary Celebrations is here to replace the old office birthday party

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Cleary is introducing a new way to celebrate employee milestones in an increasingly virtual environment. ‘Celebrations’ takes the place of the classic office party for birthdays, work anniversaries, or to welcome new hires by delivering a one-of-a-kind digital card to employees on these special days. In the form of gifs, words, images, and more, colleagues can celebrate each other with an outpouring of meaningful messages, funny stories, and compliments.


The office party tradition is simply not the same. It can be difficult, or even impossible, to plan an in-person event with hybrid and fully remote employees. Back when almost everyone was in the office, a manager or colleague might remember an upcoming milestone and buy a card to secretly pass around and have signed, doing their best to include everyone. A cake might have also been ordered and a time setup on the special day for everyone to get together. For many companies, those days are long gone since employees can be based around the world now. 


In an attempt to replicate the office party, virtual events and Zoom happy hours have popped up on calendars. But celebrating virtually is hard. The question then is how do you handle employee milestones when only pockets of people are in office on certain days or not at all? What about the rest of the team who would like to contribute but missed the Slack reminder? Coordinating these efforts often lands on managers – and that’s not always an equitable experience. Varying schedules could mean sparse attendance for a birthday Zoom or worse, busy managers could forget an upcoming work anniversary all together. 

Digital cards recreating the old office ritual

Looking back, the office party ritual might seem quaint but it actually had a purpose. Birthdays and work anniversaries are huge opportunities for employers since those dates are actually two out of three life events when employees evaluate their lives and ramp up job searches or consider quitting. For managers, the message in the digital card can be a chance to show an employee some recognition and appreciation with a thoughtful note. It may seem small but could add immense value. After all, recognition is key to keeping employees happy and working hard. Showing a little appreciation could go a long way. 


Cleary Celebrations creates a personalized digital card for birthdays, work anniversaries, and new hire welcomes. Colleagues receive prompts asking them to sign the card and add their personal touch with a gif or an image. Pass the card around by secretly inviting colleagues to ensure everyone participates to make the recipient feel appreciated. It’s easy for an employee to become invisible while working remotely since you no longer run into each other in the hall or cross paths. We’re excited to see Cleary Celebrations help teams stay connected and ensure no one gets lost in the shuffle.   


The messages are compiled onto a digital card and delivered to the recipient the day of the milestone. The digital card can recreate the excitement of secretly passing around a card in the office but in a virtual workspace. Colleagues can once again share their personalized messages and create a sense of camaraderie among the team. But, not everyone likes to be publicly recognized at work for personal reasons. To respect everyone’s wishes, employees can opt in or out.


A fun, personalized way to say happy birthday, congratulations, or welcome ensures that there’s a standard and equitable process for celebrations at your company. We can’t wait for you to add a little dash of fun to your next workplace celebration.

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