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Streamline internal communications and employee engagement in any workplace setting with Cleary.

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The intranet platform trusted by

Elevate Your Intranet

Discover the ultimate intranet experience with Cleary, blending the best intranet design and social features for superior employee engagement.

Clear Communication

Deliver crystal-clear, focused internal communications through our advanced intranet platform that are all signal, no noise.

Hybrid Harmony

Enhance connection and drive public recognition in a hybrid workplace using our intranet platform.

Single Source of Truth

Seamlessly integrate diverse SaaS tools into a single, efficient intranet for all employees.

Proper Welcomes

Engage employees from the moment they accept an offer with our automated, personalized onboarding journeys.

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All signal, no noise.

Publish internal comms employees will want to read. Leverage our curated templates and AI content generation tools to create content in minutes.

Hit Send Once

Reach employees wherever they are. Instantly contact employees through preferred channels such as email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or the Cleary Mobile App.

Analytics that Matter

Communications data from Cleary informs what’s working and where to improve.

Create Real Digital Connections.

Hybrid work is here to stay. Building your company culture online is no longer optional, and it requires new tools and ways of connecting people. Whether it’s public recognition, digital celebration cards, or automated introductions – Cleary will do the heavy lifting for you.

Public Recognition

Elevate morale with public recognition in your digital workplace.

Automated Introductions

Connect teams seamlessly with automated, personalized introductions.

Your HRIS is for HR. Cleary is for your employees.

Already have an HRIS? It’s typically not enough. Cleary sits on top of your HRIS to create an employee-facing portal that can truly be the single source of truth for every employee – no matter their role, or where they sit.

Seamless Integration

Enhance your HRIS with Cleary to offer a comprehensive employee experience.

Universal Accessibility

Ensure every employee, regardless of location or role, accesses essential information.

We integrate with

Search every company app, 
all from Cleary.

Never ask “what app is that in again?” again. Our search integrations and go/links supercharge employee productivity. Get insights on popular search terms that are missing results, so you can create the content that employees are looking for.

Integrated Search

Streamline searching across all company apps with Cleary’s integrated search feature.

Proactive Insights

Discover and fill content gaps with insights from search analytics.

It starts with Day 1.

Onboarding can’t be ignored. We’ve worked with companies who do it best and created a product that bottles their workflows and best practices for all of you. Cleary Journeys will save you time, scale your onboarding program, and create a personalized, high-touch onboarding experience for any new hire at your company.

Efficient Onboarding

Maximize efficiency with Cleary's optimized onboarding workflows.

Personalized Experience

Offer a tailored, memorable onboarding journey for each new hire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike standard HRIS systems which are HR-focused, Cleary is centered around employee engagement, offering a more accessible and user-friendly experience.

Cleary is an innovative employee experience platform designed to enhance communication and engagement in hybrid work environments.

Yes, Cleary is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing HRIS, acting as an employee-facing portal that enhances your current system.

Cleary offers AI-driven content creation tools, curated templates, and multi-platform dissemination capabilities for effective and efficient internal communications.

Cleary provides tools for public recognition, digital celebration cards, automated introductions, and more, fostering real connections in a hybrid work setting.

Absolutely, Cleary is designed to be the single source of truth for every employee, offering tailored experiences no matter their role or location.

Cleary offers content analytics to help you understand what’s working and where to improve, ensuring your internal communications are always effective.

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