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How Cleary Revolutionized Dandy’s Employee Experience!

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Company Overview:

Dandy is a dental tech company with a distributed workforce in all 50 states and across the globe. It’s harnessing the power of digital dentistry to modernize the dental lab process by integrating the lab, intraoral scanner, and end-to-end support.


Software Development



Use Case

Company Intranet

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The Challenge

Scaling Hurdles: Addressing Dandy's Onboarding and Communication Overload

Dandy’s workforce multiplied fivefold, ballooning from 150 to over 750 employees in just over a year. This rapid expansion necessitated a suite of SaaS tools to maintain and enhance the employee experience. Yet, this influx of tools, while well-intentioned, introduced complexities: a deluge of communication channels led to some missed connections, and the growing list of subscriptions began to weigh on the company’s resources.


As the company scaled, it grappled with efficiently integrating a wave of new hires. The onboarding process, reliant on spreadsheets, strained under the pressure of tracking this volume. Internal communications, too, became a puzzle of logistics, with the manual distribution of information struggling to ensure that every employee was informed and engaged.

We heard great things about Cleary from people who used it at previous companies and knew we needed to check it out. When we realized all the different ways Cleary could improve our employee experience and save us a lot of time and money – it was a no brainer.”

Jamie Joseph

Head of People Ops, Dandy

Cleary’s Solution

Development of “The Bite”

Dandy integrated Cleary’s comprehensive intranet solution, custom branded as “The Bite” to centralize communications and resources, creating a single access point for employees. This solution fostered a connected workplace culture, ensuring seamless information flow and collaboration across the rapidly expanding organization.

Automated Onboarding

With Cleary’s automated onboarding, Dandy revolutionized how new hires were integrated. This system personalized the onboarding journey, making it more efficient and engaging, thus significantly reducing the administrative burden on HR and enhancing the newcomer experience.

Software Consolidation

Dandy adopted Cleary’s tool consolidation capabilities to simplify its tech stack, merging multiple applications into a cohesive platform. This approach alleviated tool fatigue, optimized workflows, and led to substantial cost savings by reducing redundant software subscriptions.

Enterprise-wide Search

Implementing Cleary’s enterprise-wide search integrations and go/Links enabled Dandy employees to quickly access essential tools and documents. This unique search functionality made it easy and fast to find information, which was crucial for maintaining productivity amidst growth.

Cleary’s Solution

Solutions Used

Custom Intranet

Automated Onboarding

Software Consolidation

Enterprise-wide Search


After partnering with Cleary, Dandy achieved remarkable results, scaling their employee experience to new heights.
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From reduced point solutions.

In staff time saved.
Saved per new hire.

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