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Announcing our latest fundraise to elevate the Employee Experience

Cleary's Seed Round

When we first started Cleary, remote work was niche and hybrid work wasn’t a buzzword. My co-founder Ryan and I were trying to answer a simple question back then: can a digital tool suite – like the ones we had built while leading the Internal Tools team at Twitter – be useful to other tech companies? The answer is a resounding yes but the applications are actually much broader: a centralized digital employee experience will underpin the great workplaces of tomorrow. 



The pandemic-era has created millions of remote workers overnight. The default of a whole company being in one building from 9 to 5, Monday through Friday has become a relic of the past. Organizations are becoming more distributed much earlier by hiring across timezones and countries. They are now more flexible in how they work with tools, processes, and policies. They’re becoming more dynamic with people starting and leaving roles faster than ever before. In sum, a 50 person company with 50 home-offices across a dozen countries shares many of the same communications, culture, and productivity problems that a 500 person company in one office does. Further, a new sales person in the field in London has a distinct set of needs compared to a veteran customer support person based in the Los Angeles office or a software engineer based in a Lagos home-office. We look forward to partnering with more organizations as they make strategic decisions on how they operate.


We are excited to announce our seed round of $4.5M led by Kelly Perdew and the Moonshots Capital team with participation from Crosslink Capital, Quiet Capital, Liberty City Ventures, and Seachange Fund for a total of more than $7.5M raised. We are ready to scale up the team and take on more great partners as we expand our footprint to meet the immense need to optimize the employee experience for distributed teams!

It has been such a pleasure working closely with so many of our partners to better solve these emergent problems. Shoutout to everyone we have been working with so far:

  • Internal Comms leaders who were manually cross-posting important news on email, Slack, and other channels manually without a sense of engagement and what’s actually landing.
  • People Operations teams who were moving heaven and earth to manage onboarding processes with spreadsheets and coordinating with new hires, their managers, and IT.
  • Business Operations teams who were sick of managing multiple wikis or broad folders of standard operating procedures without a single source of truth.
  • Employees who were stuck looking for a piece of information and not knowing what tool to even start the search in.
  • CEOs who were experimenting with video to better communicate with their employee base or looking for ways to create a more engaging all-hands meeting that’s moved hundred of people from a room to a screen.
  • Chief People Officers who know rituals of recognition must still be embedded in a remote culture and that without a sense connection to your colleagues, work inevitably becomes transactional.
  • Managers who were used to celebrating employee milestones like birthdays and work anniversaries with a signed card from the team and were striving to make sure those moments weren’t forgotten even if they can’t physically be with the team.


We look forward to continuing to innovate with you all. With our latest funding round, we are excited to scale up the team to supercharge our product offering and enable more companies be amazing workplaces of the future.


P.S.: You can reach me on Twitter or via email. I’m always happy to chat employee experience.


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